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Water kettle
This water kettle was a fictive project for the Italian brand Alessi. It is a pure example of what Italian design is all about. “Italians have more imagination, more culture and are better mediators between the past and the future” Italian design is graceful, elegant and designed with the highest quality. Italian design always has that extra bit more."

The object is supposed to serve as a delight to the eye in addition to a utensil. It must be seen as a design piece that attracts full attention in your kitchen. Form follows function is something that is very important in this project. There is 1 important line that makes the design to what is has become. The way how the whole kettle is integrated in the pouring part is extremely smooth, yet sharp. It's a beautiful contrast that creates a very nice play of light and shadow.

Name: Water kettle
Client: Prototype (BE)
Year: 2019


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