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Warning Table Lamp
Warning is a portable table lamp that is inspired on the worldwide construction warning lights. The design is a minimalistic approach on the contemporary design of the construction warning light. All elements were pared down to the most minimal possible. In addition, all the essential aspects that provide recognition were also preserved. The design itself contains a huge amount of user interaction. Besides making the design look playful, you can also interact with it playfully. It can be used as an eye catcher table lamp, but you can also take it anywhere you want. Just grab the design directly by the body, or use the matching rope that you place through the top part of the lamp.

The Warning lamp can be used as a cool table lamp for mood lighting or fuctionality. In addition, the lamp can also be used as a portable lamp, by using the matching rope. Thanks to the rope, you can set the desired length yourself, according to the required functional purpose. Still not enough functionality? Then simply hang the lamp at your ceiling and use it as a pendant lamp.

The screws are not only for purposes of decoration and design, but of course they are also highly functional. They hold the frost glass in place on both sides, but also ensure that the integrated handle is held in place. In addition, the screws are a perfect example of a product designed for assembly, as well as for disassembly.

Name: Warning Table Lamp
Client: Prototype
Year: 2023


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