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Pattern Side Table
Pattern is a side table that consists of four heights to increase the ease of use of a side table. The problem with such tables was often the placement of products of different heights. This often made it clumsy to take a product without tipping over the other products. With pattern, this is a thing of the past. The different heights allow you to place the attributes at the desired height, so the table will almost never get much higher than the 45 cm of the table itself.

In addition, the different heights of the table are also a massively fun interaction between the product and the user, to playfully store or display your goods. In addition to its functionality, Pattern also has an enormously attractive design. The different surfaces create a beautiful play of light and shadow that makes the design extremely visually interesting.

The table is perfectly stackable thanks to the patterned design. While stacking, a super fun and playful appearance forms due to the different open and closed color areas. The table can be used both vertically and horizontally. When used vertically you create a narrow but high side table, when used horizontally you create a longer but lower side table. A very nice interaction with the user.

Name: Pattern Side Table
Client: Prototype
Year: 202


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