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Ostomy plate punch

The ostomy plate punch is a medical device we have designed for ostomy patients in collaboration with Belgium's largest healthcare institutions, namely ‘White-Yellow Cross’ and ‘StomaCare Belgium’. This device is a real game changer for people who have to deal with daily annoyances and frustrations due to problems such as leaks, irritations and infections. These problems are the result of just one action, which is not cutting the shape out of the ostomy plate 100% correctly, causing the ostomy plate to not fit properly around the stoma.

Thanks to our product, this is now a thing of the past. The solution is the stomaplatepunch. It contains a universal kit (product) and a personalized punch (linked service that contains a product). Our international survey and close collaboration with Coloplast Belgium proves that the stomaplatepunch will be an aid for 76% of ostomy users. 

Name: Ostomy plate punch
Client: Prototype (BE)
Year: 2020


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