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Lineair Table Lamp
Lineair is a geometric table lamp that consists of several linear planes positioned opposite each other in an innovative way.

The steel body of the table lamp consists of a hollow, extruded rectangle that contains all the elements of the light fixture. This is followed by two planes that face the rectangular base at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. All of this creates a very nice light and shadow effect, as well as the planes create an angle that causes the light to reflect downward.

Lineair’s design has been influenced by the Bauhaus art movement in a number of ways, especially in its use of materials, construction and style. For example the usage of metal bending and welding, a craft that was hugely important at that time. In addition, the focus on functionality of a product was very important as well in that period, the less design, the better. This was also applied to the Lineair table lamp. Apart from the much needed metal surfaces to be bent and welded, there is no other redundant design to be found in the lamp. It is reduced to the basics for a minimalistic, Bauhaus-inspired table lamp. A contemporary touch is added due to the modern and trending color options. A combination that is attractive in any way.

When it comes to product usage, Lineair can be used as a functional table lamp, but is also made to be used as an ambient lamp that provides a cozy light. The lamp contains a 3000K LED dimmable light source, the perfect color light to create a household coziness as well as a functional light. In addition, the brightness can also be controlled via the button attached to the cord, here you can dim the brightness according to the desired intensity!

Name: Lineair Table Lamp
Client: Y.S.M Products
Year: 2023

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