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Flow Serving Tray
Flow is a complete collection consisting of a small, medium and large tray. The design is very simple, but with a small intervention, namely rounding the corners in 
different ways, it looks like an unseen new design. The combination of the different roundings creates an extremely attractive proportion and a perfect functionality. A shadow and light effect is created that radiates enormous serenity and unity. The edges also integrate a handle, making it easy to place the trays on a table, so in addition to pure design, it also contains enormous functionality.

My inspiration for the Flow collection comes mostly from our natural, close environment, namely the flow of water. Water can separate in any way, but it always comes back in 1 beautiful, flowing movement into each other. This is also what I want to emphasize with the design of Flow. The handle and the tray itself each have their own separate function but in the end they come together as 1 beautiful whole that creates a solid and honest design.

Flow’s design consists of different lines and curves that merge together in a soft, yet hard way. The softness is in the design itself, but the light and shadow effect caused by the design creates a hard contrast between the two.

Name: Flow Serving Tray
Client: Prototype
Year: 2023


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