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Floral Centerpiece Bowl
Floral is a three piece collection of centerpiece bowls. The basic design consists of four round and chunky legs that were extruded. This base was hollowed with a flattened sphere that creates the ultimate bowl effect. Because of the four round chunky legs, the top of the bowl results in four beautiful arches, which give elegance to the design in addition to functionality.

A beautiful light and shadow effect falls on the bowls, creating an instant serenity. With the Floral bowls you will make any house, a real home. 

As the name speaks for itself, my inspiration for the Floral collection came from my natural surroundings: flowers. The four arches of the bowls represent the different leaves of the flower, which elegantly bloom open in spring.

Name: Floral Centerpiece Bowl
Client: Prototype
Year: 202


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