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Farm Decorative Figures
Farm is a collection of decorative wooden animal figures that refers to a wonderful global profession: farming.

For centuries, agriculture has been an important profession in which these animals are central, yet today they deserve more respect. With these decorative figures, we want to pay tribute to the craftsmen, but especially to the animals itself. The collection consists of a cow and a pig, each in 2 sizes. A cow with a calf, and a pig with a piglet. Together they form an even more beautiful whole.

In each case, the most typical characteristics of the animal were accentuated in order to increase its recognizability. A cow is usually depicted as a figure with upright ears and a large, rectangular nose. A pig, on the other hand, is usually depicted with reclining ears and a cute, almost-round, snout. And of course, the hanging belly. 

I got the inspiration for Farm from my natural surroundings. Like many, I grew up in the beautiful countryside, where farming and ranching are central. In this way, I did enjoy being inspired by my immediate surroundings. In addition, the design of the animals was also strongly based on our childhood: animation. Animated characters and cartoons often magnify the most typical characteristics of a particular thing, and of course that came in perfectly handy here.

Name: Farm Decorative Figures
Client: Prototype
Year: 2023


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