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Valley Serving Tray
Valley is a complete collection consisting of a small, medium and large tray. Valley’s design is incredibly simple and consists of only 2 different parts that merge into 1 beautiful whole. The handle consists of a 2D rectangle with rounded corners, which is then placed at a certain height by using the 3D sheet with rounded sides.

The combination of the rounding’s on different XYZ axes then creates a beautiful shadow and light effect. This results in an extremely attractive design that can serve as an eye catcher in your home, as well as an everyday functional tray. 

Valley’s inspiration comes from our beautiful nature that the earth gave us. The design of Valley is based on an U-shaped valley that occurs in various mountain ranges, eventually emerging into a flat piece of earth, which then of course represents the handle.

Name: Valley Serving Tray
Client: Prototype
Year: 2023


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