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Chevron Desk Organizer
Chevron is a two piece collection of desk organizers in coated aluminum. The design is all about the pattern that contains a double function. This playful pattern allows the different compartments to be placed and slid on top of each other. In addition, the design of the pattern also serves as a place to store your small items, such as an eraser, pencil or ballpoint pen.

The design adds an informal touch to a product that has always been seen as a formal, business-like thing. As of now, it can be used to brighten up your work environment, both at home and at work. The two piece collection consists of a suitable size for both A4 and A5 paper, each available in matching, vivid colors. The shape, use of color and material is the perfect balance between personal and professional. A fresh twist on an everyday item.

The pattern I used in the design is the hugely famous chevron pattern. It has been used for centuries in the fashion industry, as well as in architecture.

In the fashion industry, it is mainly used as an actual pattern for the design of various garments. In the architectural field, this pattern is mostly used as a particular way of placing bricks on top of each other, this is called the herringbone. It gives a certain strength to the construction, as well as it is aesthetically very interesting, it gives a perspective and depth that creates a very nice effect.
These advantages are in line with the reason why I applied this pattern to these desk organizers, which I personally find a very nice link between the two.

Name: Chevron Desk Organizer
Client: Prototype
Year: 2022


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