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Angle Waste Bin
Angle is a paper bin that makes the work environment more fun by providing a playful addition to an everyday product. 

A cone-shaped base with a 25-degree angle allows the bin to rotate as desired. In addition, the 25-degree angle is tremendously user-friendly because if you place the bin next to you in your work environment, it is perfectly facing you to throw something in. Or it can be placed in the middle of 2 desks and can be rotated each time towards the desired desk.  When something is thrown in, the trash can do a little movement that makes the product interactive and even more interesting.

Angle, as already mentioned, consists of a conical base topped by a cylinder that provides the perfect volume. On the top is another cone (removable lid) with a hole in it so that you have enough space to throw your trash in. Of course, the conical design also provides the correct interface and an indication of where the waste should be thrown in. Angle is a primitive shaped paper bin with subtle geometries and a creative touch of functionality.

I took the inspiration for Angle from a well-known, traditional game: the spinning top. A spinning top is a toy that you have to give a quick and short twist that provides an impetus to make a cone-shaped product spin. The playful element of this can be found in the trash can, which of course also provides as a  functional thing, namely pointing a trash can at you to throw something in more easily.

Name: Angle Waste Bin
Client: Prototype
Year: 2023


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